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Thinking about filing your trademark without an attorney?

While it is certainly less expensive to file your trademark application without an attorney, the odds of a successful registration are not in your favor.


Filing with the assistance of a trademark attorney is critical when protecting your brand.  More than 80 percent of applications filed with an attorney are successful, versus the 57 percent of applications filed without the assistance of an attorney


An experienced attorney has access and experience with trademark search tools that typically increase the odds of successful registration.  Performing a preliminary trademark search prior to filing  is important as a search decreases the chance that your trademark will be approved for registration. Performing a search that combs through existing registrations to check for potential conflicts greatly increases the chances of successful registration.


Hiring an attorney also helps business owners determine any potential weaknesses with their application  or brand name beyond just the preliminary search results.


Even if you can’t afford an attorney to file your trademark, many law schools have trademark clinics that can assist you with filing your application for free or reduced costs.


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