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At Littlejohn Law Offices PLLC, we believe that everyone deserves expert legal advice and representation. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or looking to start your first business, we have the tools and experience to make sure every aspect of your business, idea, or intellectual property is protected. Check here for regular updates, information, and essential resources.

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What are Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled Legal Services Also known as limited scope representation or à la carte legal services, refer to a model of legal representation where the attorney and client agree to only handle specific tasks or parts of a legal matter, rather than handling the entire...

Trade names v. Trademarks

Is a Trademark the same thing as a trade name?  A trademark is a source identifier that identifies the source of goods or services.  A trademark protects a logo, phrase, word or design of a particular product or service.   A federal  trademark offers legal protection...

Privacy Policy Primer

Does your website have a privacy policy? If you have a website, especially if you run an online business, your privacy policy is incredibly important. And not having a compliant one can actually lead to big problems for your business. I’ll give you a basic overview...

When Trademarking Goes Wrong

Your business is growing, and you feel like you’re ready to protect your brand by applying for trademark registration. Yay!  This is such an exciting step and a smart one to protect your business and your brand. But before you begin the process of protecting your...

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