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At Littlejohn Law Offices PLLC, we believe that everyone deserves expert legal advice and representation. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or looking to start your first business, we have the tools and experience to make sure every aspect of your business, idea, or intellectual property is protected. Check here for regular updates, information, and essential resources.

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Introducing New Payment Option- Client Credit!

Littlejohn Law Offices, PLLC is excited to announce a new way for our clients to pay! ClientCredit, powered by Affirm, allows you to finance your payment to the firm with no hidden fees, no late charges, and no surprises. To take advantage of ClientCredit, simply look...

Top Child Support Questions in North Carolina

Do I have to pay child support if I have 50/50 custody? ANSWER: Yes, you may have to pay child support even if you have 50/50 custody.  Child support is based on the gross income of both parties, amount of overnights each parent has with the child or children, who and...

How Do You Establish Rights in a Trademark?

How do you establish rights in a trademark?        By Attorney Diane Littlejohn Does an unregistered trademark have any trademark protection? In some cases, Yes. Trademark rights are established through either use or registration in the United States.  However, a...

What’s in a Name ?

Determining a strong business name that will have a high likelihood of registration with the US trademark office is key.  A trademark is primarily a surname if the public would initially recognize the name as a surname(or last name).   Surnames are classified in this...

Trademarks and Choosing a Strong Brand Name

Trademarks What is a trademark and why should your business have one?  A trademark or service mark Is a word, phrase symbol or design (mark) that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods from the goods of another.  Both trademarks and service marks are...

How to Use, Maintain, and Protect your Trademark

Congratulations! You filed your trademark application and it was successfully registered. However, there are requirements to keep your trademark active once it’s been officially registered. Important tips in protecting your federal trademark: Continue using your mark-...

What is a poor man’s copyright or trademark?

What is a poor man’s copyright/trademark? Let’s first distinguish and define what a trademark is versus what copyright is. A copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship (book, song, movie). The original work must be...

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