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Family Law Attorney Raleigh-Durham

If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area and need Family Law services, Littlejohn Law Offices PLLC is ready to represent you. Family law needs cover everything from child custody and divorce to property distribution. Whether you’re mid-divorce proceedings and legal representation has become necessary, or you require asset protection so you can properly pass them down to your children, we can meet with you regarding your case.
Family law allows you to properly plan for your future while protecting your family, and allowing you to set up legal parameters should you need to restructure your family in a divorce. If you’re working down the path of adoption, or getting a child support order altered, we can talk with you today.
We understand the difficulty parents face when required to come up with an acceptable visitation schedule. Together we take into consideration your work schedule and create as reasonable a custody arrangement as possible so the children and both parents are comfortable.
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