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Is a Trademark the same thing as a trade name? 

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A trademark is a source identifier that identifies the source of goods or services.  A trademark protects a logo, phrase, word or design of a particular product or service.   A federal  trademark offers legal protection in the event someone uses your logo, slogan etc. without your permission. 

A trade name is essentially the name your business is operating under.  A trade name can also be known as a fictitious name or assumed name.  The trade name identifies the company and a trademark identifies the source of goods or services.  Trade names oftentimes aren’t formal business entities. 

A trade name does not offer any legal protection  for services a business offers or goods a business sells like a trademark does. 

Trade names are often used as marketing tools to help your business stand out in the sea of sameness.  Every business has at least one trademark.  A trademark is a business asset that can make your business more valuable. 

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